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For information, collaboration, commissions and to discuss project ideas please contact Anne Louise Kershaw at info@instigatearts.org

Instigate Tours and Talks:

Tailored exhibition and collection tours and talks to enhance and extend the engagement with art.

Whether exploring politically delicate issues, reaching easy to ignore groups, highlighting alternative narratives or encouraging subversive critical engagement from a wide variety of audiences and specific groups, we know the potential of any exhibition or collection is infinitely greater than just seeing the show.

Working within a gallery or organisation, it can be hard to have the time to tailor tours and talks that target these specific needs.

At Instigate Arts, one of our primary objectives is to create positive, progressive social change through arts production and participation. We are We are aware of the unquantifiable potential of cross-practice/sector/community collaboration, and we want to work with you to achieve that.

We can tailor tours and talks that target these specific needs. Whether encouraging the subversive or raising the issues that are often difficult for organisations to raise, we will create for you the solution.

 Instigate Archives and Art:

Tailored workshops to encourage creative, practical archive engagement.

From creative activism to direct archive action, whether as visual stimulus or something far more radical, archives provide a wealth of potential to the artist, musician, filmmaker, creative. Those working in archives will be well aware of the difficulty in getting people to engage with the amazing materiel you cherish.

The artists among you will eternally be searching for inspiration; something important, vital, necessary and totally relevant with which to kick start a project, develop an idea, stimulate and support your work, practice and creative evolution.

With Instigate Archives and Art, we can explore how the wealth of archives that exist can be utilised in the most radical, political and artistically progressive of ways.

At Instigate Arts we have developed and curated numerous exhibitions and events heavily involving archive incorporated art. We have commissioned numerous mixed-media artists, musicians and performers to create brand new work inspired by various archives and we are very aware of the powerful value the archives have to offer when used in a creatively inspiring way.

We provide tailored workshops for your archive to encourage practical engagement and inspire creative uses that will make your archive an essential hub of your institute.

Instigate Debate:

Information to come.