Calling out for” Visual Artists, Film Makers, Theatre Practitioners, Musicians, Writers for our HOME project!

Instigate Arts presents Ambition & Identity, a micro-programme of pop-up exhibitions & events at HOME as part of HOME projects 2016.

We are calling out for visual artists working in any medium, theatre practitioners, musicians and writers to be involved in one or both of the two pop-up exhibitions we are producing in the main gallery at HOME:

Ambition: Saturday 9 July 2016
Identity: Saturday 1 October 2016

You can see the listing on Artsjobs here.

Ambition & Identity
“Can’t he ever stop?”
“He can’t stop Annie, because then he’d be sure to find out how sad he really is.”
Imitation of Life

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 09.19.21

Fear eats the soul, it feeds our desires, forms our ambitions and fuels who we think we are and so desperately want to be.

Slipping into the gaps, and supporting the HOME 2016 schedule, Instigate Arts presents ‘Ambition & Identity’ a micro-programme and stock cube snapshot of all that home embodies, in the form of the most raw and exciting emerging creativity.

‘Ambition’ (9 July 2016) explores our insatiable struggle to succeed, our fascination with celebrity and status and our constant search for affirmation, approval and acceptance. From our desperation to survive to our determination to thrive, no matter what the cost.

‘Identity’ (1 October 2016) considers the anxiety between this and our fragile sense of self; how do our fears and subsequent ambitions form the building blocks upon which we base our fractured identity and the fraught outward image we project. What forms the face of our identity, and what do we identify with?

We examine the hopes and fears that shape our ambition and identity, and question the corrupting influences that fuel them.

Call Out:
Ambition & Identity will bring together some of the best emerging creatives working to question the corrupting influences that fuel our ambitions and examine the hopes and fears that shape our identity.

We are looking for visual artists working in any medium, film makers, theatre practitioners, performers, musicians and writers to be involved in one or both of the two pop-up exhibitions. Any format is encouraged. The work must be responding to the issues and themes we aim to address.

As well as stationary pieces we are interested in performative work and work that has an interactive element. The exhibitions will be in HOME’s main gallery. This will be in a state of transition and the pop up exhibition, performances and interventions will all occur within it during the course of a busy event.

We aim to bring together a mixed and varied conceptual and aesthetic exploration of themes of Ambition & Identity.

Payment: We have a budget of £100 per artist
Deadline: 1st April 2016
For further information or to request a submission form please contact

Instigate Arts:We are a Manchester based arts organisation created by Kevin Burke and Anne Louise Kershaw. A Community Interest Company we aim to create positive, progressive social change through arts production and participation. We specifically focus on curating and developing exhibitions and events combining the arts, academia and activism and with cross-practice/sector/community collaboration.

HOME: Formed by the merger of two of Manchester’s best-loved arts organisations, Cornerhouse and the Library Theatre Company, HOME is for curiosity seekers, for lovers of the dramatic, the digital and the deeply engaging; for radicals and reciprocators. Since spring 2015 HOME have operated from their new purpose built venue at First Street. Building on the heritage of Cornerhouse and the Library Theatre Company, HOME produces the best in contemporary theatre, visual art and film, engagement and creative learning, creative industries and digital innovation.



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