Identity Live at Home – Event Film, Artist Spotlight Footage and Photos.

Completing our curatorial residency at HOME, on the 8th October 2016 6-9pm, we at Instigate Arts took over the main gallery again in HOMEmcr for ‘Identity’ to explore the anxiety between the hand we are dealt in life and and how we let this define us.

How does this feed into our fragile sense of self; fuel our fury and flavour the way we fashion ourselves. We explored how our fears and subsequent ambitions form the building blocks upon which we base our fractured identity, and the fraught outward image we so fervently project?

What forms our sense of identity, and what do we identify with?

The exhibition included  a full line up of installation,  video, composition, text, spoken word, performance, living sculpture and more.

We now have this beautifully shot film of the exhibition, filmed and produced for us by the brilliant Sophie Broadgate who has managed, as she always does, to really capture the energy and mood of the night. Alongside this is a wonderfully dynamic photo set by talented Lee Baxter. Thanks for the great work guys!!

Identity was curated and produced by Anne Louise Kershaw and Kevin Burke as part of Instigate Arts’ curatorial residency at home for which we created ‘Ambition & Identity’ which included two exhibitions and the curation of the Granada Foundation wall.

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