The Queers Are Revolting at People’s History Museum – Artist Q&A – Michelle Hannah

Instigate Arts take over People’s History Museum for this month’s Radical Late, presenting a night of creative, queer activism and art with work from The Penthouse, Ms Kate Keeper curated by Greg Thorpe, German Techno Lezbians, Kiss Me AgainEva SerrationMichelle Hannah and more.

Cutbacks are intersectional and as the LGBTQ+ community finds itself disproportionally affected, some of the most rad, creative queers respond with a night of creative activism. Because IF IT’S NOT A SITE OF RESISTANCE IT’S A SITE OF PROPAGANDA! You are invited to an evening, an event, an experience. It’s radical and it’s real, because the QUEERS ARE REVOLTING! 

Here we speak to Michelle Hannah




What is it about your practice that makes it Queer?

Though I do not define my work completely as such it certainly exhumes and weaves that history and hope. As there is a strong sense of otherness and hauntology in my work – new ontologies of identity, cosmic pessimism in a post digital, non concrete world. Queer has nothing to do with sexuality I believe, but about a haunted futurity…to quote the late José Esteban Muñoz “We have never been queer, yet queerness exists for us as an ideality that can be distilled from the past and used to imagine a future. The future is queerness’s domain.”



In the current political climate, and at at a time of austerity, why do you feel making Queer work is important?

Because it is necessary as a challenge and reminder of the prominent reach of Neoliberalism, Capitalism and its exploitation of minorities. Anything that deviates from this is vital for progression and visibility against this. That there has been and still can be an alternative.



“If it’s not a site of resistance it’s a site of propaganda.” How do you feel about that statement? And how do you feel your work connects to that idea?

Action speaks volumes. It is necessary to provoke exchange and response where apathy, prejudice and exploitation take root . In terms of my own work, the simple act of performance (and sound) is the site where memory and a future ideality exchange in this liminal territory. Where subjectivity and objectivity cannot be so easily defined and controlled.


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