Identity at Home mcr


Instigate Arts: Identity
Part of: HOMEmcr‘s new Oct – Mar season , Instigate Arts Present Ambition & Identity

A one night only, mixed-media pop-up exhibition with performance, noise, film and intervention.

As part of their curatorial residency at HOME, Instigate Arts have been examining the hopes and fears that shape our ambition and identity, and questioning the corrupting influences that fuel them.

For this one night only exhibition, ‘Identity’ considers the anxiety between the hand we are dealt and the life that we strive for. How does this feed our fragile sense of self; fuel our fury and the flavor the way we fashion ourselves. We explore how our fears and subsequent ambitions form the building blocks upon which we base our fractured identity, and the fraught outward image we so fervently project? What forms the face of our identity, and what do we identify with?

Artists: Lizz BradyKevin Burke, Daniel Cockburn, Jez DolanStef Elrick & Laura Mcgee, Zarina Muhammad, ILL, Michelle Hannah, Sanaa Hamid, Nadia Peters and Emily Pitts.

Presented as part of Instigate Arts curatorial residency at HOME – Ambition & Identity.





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